Donkey Dynamics

This week, first grade students are reading the story Crash Bang Donkey  by Jill Newton. The book is all about a donkey who is very loud and can play a lot of different instruments. I found a coloring page of a donkey with this great poem at the bottom, so we read the poem and decided which dynamic we should use for each verse. We’ve already used the dynamic words loud and soft in music this year, but now we are also using the fancy Italian music terms for loud and soft-forte and piano! We looked at the rhythm I wrote out for the poem, clapped it using our rhythm nicknames, and then added in a little f and a little p for the dynamics we wanted to use. After clapping it with the new dynamics, we decided which instrument we should play for each dynamic. Our choices were cymbals or sand blocks, so we decided the cymbals could play the loud section and the sand blocks could scrape the rhythm for the quiet section, while still other students spoke the words to the poem! Image

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