We are so excited to have a class set of brand new resonator bells to play this year, thanks entirely to Balint Charities! Please visit their website here:

Through the Fran’s Bands program, our school received these wonderful new instruments which have already helped our younger students to accompany themselves as they sing. We can also use these wonderful instruments to help with beginning composing songs, because the color coded bars make it easy for students of all ability levels to write their own original songs through color-coding! Best of all, we have a class set of instruments, so we no longer have to take turns sharing to all have a turn playing. Now we can play all at once, which means the time we would have spent taking several turns so that everyone could play, can be used to learn new music concepts.

In Kindergarten, students learn the nursery rhyme “Wee Willie Winkie” and add movements and a melody to the piece. In First grade, not only do we speak, move, and sing, we played a two-note accompaniment on our resonator bells! Here are the students in action!

photo 4-3   photo 2-6   photo 3-5

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