Let’s Get Started with At-Home Music Lessons!

242214CC-FFA0-406D-B1F5-BE8E6D9488C1Good morning from me and my cat Amos! Since schools will be closed for at least the next 2 weeks, I plan to share ideas for music lessons you can do at home here every week day! I’ll be sharing general things that everyone can do beginning tomorrow, but for today, here are some specifics for our Fisher fam. If you’re visiting from another school, definitely try out the links tab for some fun stuff, and read on as well for grade level specific assistance navigating this blog.

Students in band and strings can practice their instruments daily at home. If you don’t have your music or your instrument with you, try out the other music lessons I’ll be sharing so you’re prepared to pick it back up when you get back.

For my 5th grade students who will someday be attending All-City Chorus: Continue practicing the songs via the All-City Music tab. I’ll be updating it in the coming weeks to make practicing easier.

For my VPI and Kindergarten families: Students had begun preparing for a concert during school, and practice songs and videos will be under the song lyrics tab. The first song “Spring, Spring, Spring” already has choreography they can teach you! I’ll be sharing more choreography videos too in the coming weeks.

For my 3rd (and 4th grade friends who have recorders at home!): the Recorder tab is ready for you to clap, say, and play away! You also have access to our recorder book online. On the first page of their music notebooks there should be a sticky with the link and access code, plus my email address to send me any of the worksheets in the book you complete online!

I sent home Interactive Music Notebooks with grades K-2 and music/art composition notebooks for grades 3-5 on Friday. Mrs. Stone glued in daily sketchbook prompts for art, plus some great websites for you. For K-2, I tried to insert at least one cut and glue sheet for you. Cut on the dotted lines only. The put glue in your book only above the solid line and glue the flaps you cut out on top! Now students can lift the flap to review concepts. Students can color any and all of the pages they want in those books.

IMG_7227All students have cute pictures of our composers of the month-color them, ask your child the composers’ names, remind them when they lived, and there is a picture of the instrument they played and a song suggestion to check out on Youtube. For grades 3-5, look up the person in the picture and read about them. Under their picture your child can write where they were born and the name of the instrument they played. They can highlight the name of the composer’s musical time period and look that part up too. Here’s my favorite site for composer biographies and information about time periods plus listening samples! Also for 3rd-5th graders, there should be a blank “Listening Reflections” sheet on p. 8 of the notebooks (or wherever you find one, some of them are a little disorganized, but they’re in there somewhere!) to complete about Richard Wagner. Again, check the coloring page of Wagner for a song title to listen to and fill out their reflection, or just click here!  For a bit of extra fun, click here to watch the Looney Tunes “What’s Opera Doc?” episodewhich includes a ton of Wagner’s music!

That should be enough to get you through today, keep checking back daily for a lot more ideas!

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